Mark K. Baumann

Mark is an experienced family law litigator, counselor, mediator, educator and professional speaker; he has practiced law in Washington’s greater Puget Sound area since 1988. Mark is well versed in a variety of legal matters and now practices family law exclusively.

Mark provides sound advice in all areas of family law, including divorce, parenting, custody, visitation, child support, modifications, relocation, grandparent and third party visitation, property division, retirements, spousal support (alimony), trial and pre-trial litigation, pre-divorce counseling, and mediation.

Attachment Parenting

Our office utilizes principals from attachment science to help our clients achieve their parenting and relationship goals.

Attachment-Based Parenting involves using concepts of attachment science and theory to guide parenting. The science of attachment is a little complicated, but we’ll show you how to make applying it to parenting a snap.

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Customized Care

Our office provides services to match most legal needs and/or financial budgets.

An initial meeting with Mark will help determine what are your legal needs and budget are.

This meeting will also identify the ways you would best benefit from our services.


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    Mark has strong skills in communication and conflict resolution. I came to him with a bad situation, he listened, was able to assess the situation and advise a solution. The solution was one that I would not have selected as my first choice on my own, but later I discovered, turned out to be the best choice I could have made for all involved. He helped me to realize my real priorities, pointed me in the direction of resources to accomplish my goals and gave guidance where needed. Through Mark’s council and mediation, and with time and patience on my part, my situation improved not only better than I expected, but better than I thought possible. As a family lawyer you can trust that Mark is conscientious about and will help you to do what is best for your children.
    Bad Situation Turned Good
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    This law firm not only delivers results but does so in a professional manner; all of the staff are extremely helpful and responsive to questions, concerns, etc. If you have an issue that this law firm can handle, you won't find a better one.
    The Best Choice for an Attorney
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    Mark Baumann and his legal team helped me through an emotionally and financially turbulent separation and divorce with excellent advice, fast service, flexibility, compassion and hard work. With Mark's help, backed up by Vanessa and Amanda, I felt respected, protected and guided out of a toxic and volatile situation with a minimum of stress, and a hard earned but fair settlement -- avoiding what would have been a very costly trial. Mark, Vanessa and Amanda are not only experienced, technically proficient to the letter, they also genuinely care. Going through this divorce is one of the worst things I have ever done, but I am grateful to have gone through it with some of the best people I have ever met. I can't recommend Mark and his team highly enough!
    Outstanding Legal Service!
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    Mark Baumann and the staff at his office are incredibly insightful, supportive, and professional people. I was looking specifically for an attorney adept at dealing with sociopathic personalities, and having no idea what to expect, when I stumbled across their genius. Mark explained to me his involvement with the High Conflict Institute, and stated they'd work with me to, "untangle the web of lies," that was my current case file. Those were some of the most relieving words I've ever heard. It was a time consuming process but one well worth the effort. The declaration they wrote on my behalf did untangle that web of lies, but not only that, it was tactful, to the point, and strictly factual. There was no exaggeration or unnecessary adjectives, there was no finger pointing; just a strategic dissection of what had been said, how it contradicted itself, and what actually occurred. It was really empowering to not engage in the game. (more…)
    More Than Just a Law Office
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    Mark not only was my lawyer but also an excellent teacher. My case is what the courts would consider "high conflict", and mark powered through the waves with me. With his guidance and assistance, I was awarded custody of my son. Now 3 years later I am preparing to hire him again to finish what we had started. My case is a unique one, changing every year. I know I can trust mark and his associates to help me see it through and finish. He was and is an excellent mentor, teaching me to think strategically as opposed to emotionally which is something we can all be guilty of. I learned alot during our time together and will be utilizing him again in the near future.
    My Hero

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Mark Baumann provides mediation services in family law cases, and in a few other types of cases. He is a family law expert with over 30 years experience. As mediator, Mark serves as a neutral third party who helps couples find an effective resolution their personal and legal issues. Mark cannot give legal advice while […]

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